Holiday Evergreens: Retail Display & Setup; Restocking, Facing, Inventory Recovery

Vendor-Provided Restocking Services: Retail Evergreens Display Zoning, Facing, Conditioning, Recovery Service

Increase your retail inventory turnover / stock turn with dedicated vendor attention to your retail displays of holiday evergreens.

You can count on consistent inventory turnover with vendor re-stocking of fresh holiday evergreens, refreshed on a weekly basis. Count on a clean, effective display and reduce the time your employees spend Blocking/Facing/Zoning: we’ll take care of the display Recovery tasks each time we re-stock.

Multiple Standard Retail POS Displays Available:

Wholesale Fresh Wreaths provides a range of common retail Merchandising Displays to help you quickly and attractively showcase (and turn) your inventory of wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, and holiday evergreens. Current Merchandising Displays include:

  • A-Frame POS Display: A common “easel-type” free-standing display attractively showcases wreaths.
  • Palette-Display with 8-ft Grid: Ideal for high-volume product turnover, the combination of a vertical grid for hanging product display, with additional backstock below, is an extremely easy and low-maintenace display option that nearly Faces itself! Need to alter traffic-flow?…this display is easily re-positioned with a palette jack.
  • Palette Box: Also called ‘watermelon boxes’ or ‘orchard crates’, this is a cardboard box mounted on a palette; box is over-printed with festive holiday graphics. These are a preferred low-cost choice for big-box and warehouse stores for grab-n-go product sales. Also palette-mounted and easily maneuvered with a palette jack.

Custom Displays and Racking:

We understand that your store layout, product fixtures, and merchandising displays have been carefully designed and chosen to create a cohesive customer experience and align with your brand; Wholesale Fresh Wreaths can provide custom product grids and displays to meet your specification, including initial setup as well as continuous re-supply and zoning services to keep your holiday evergreens fresh and ‘faced’ for maximum inventory turn-over.